What to do if your back hurts?

Have you suddenly had a sharp back pain? Of course, in such a situation, it is better to go to a medical institution. But what to do if the pain is very strong and you want to eliminate it yourself as soon as possible? Using the recommendations described in the article, you can significantly alleviate the patient's condition and take care of further maintaining the health of the spine.

What not to do if you have severe back and spine pain?

back pain with sedentary work

Severe back pain can occur as a result of injury or tightening of a large nerve extending from the spine. Pain sensations arise in different parts, but more often in the lumbosacral. Sometimes severe pain occurs in perfectly healthy young people as a result of careless movements, weight lifting or hypothermia. In such cases, a person may feel pain immediately or after a few hours.

If back pain occurs, you can not:

  • It is also not recommended to use mustard plaster, pepper plaster, bischofite, warming ointment to treat the back being exposed to high temperatures in saunas or hot baths.
  • You should not use independently, without a doctor's prescription, powerful medicines like novocaine blockade (injection of the affected area with novocaine). Such manipulations will relieve the pain, but at the same time the possibility of further nerve injury remains. In addition, during the visit to the doctor, strong pain relief will complicate the diagnosis and further treatment.
  • Wait and hope the pain goes away on its own. Relapses are not ruled out, which will be more difficult to cure than the first attack. If you endure the pain for a long time, the crushed nerve may die partially or completely and it will take several years to recover.
  • Engaging in regular physical activity - complications can occur.

First aid for the patient with acute back pain

back pain while lifting weights

Treatment of back pain is conventionally divided into 2 types: with drug use and non-drug use. If you need a quick effect, then the best treatment would be to take medication:

  • pain relievers;
  • drugs that relieve muscle spasms;
  • vitamin complexes;
  • chondroprotectors.

If you have severe back pain, using pain relievers will help relieve the pain in a short time. Form of issuance of funds - tablets, gels, ointments and injections. The choice depends on the nature of the pain and the doctor's recommendation.

Taking vitamin complexes is necessary to protect nerve fibers from adverse external influences and to strengthen cells.

The next step is to eliminate muscle spasms with the help of medicines intended for this purpose. This will help relieve pressure on the spinal cord roots, relieve cramps. This way you can eliminate the cause of the severe pain, and not just hide it.

The composition of chondroprotectors includes glucosamine and chondroitin, which are contained in the cartilage tissue of the joints and intervertebral discs. If the inflammatory process was the main cause of back pain, then the percentage of the presence of these substances decreases, respectively, it is necessary to restore the lost volume due to medication.

There are other methods of treatment - without the use of drugs:

  • If your back hurts, massage can help as an emergency. The specialist trains all the muscles, as the epicenter of pain is not necessarily their cause. Massage helps eliminate muscle spasms, improves blood circulation. The main contraindication to the procedure is the presence of tumors, in other cases it is advisable to consult a doctor.
  • Acupuncture and acupuncture procedures are common methods for relieving back pain. When performed by an experienced physician, they quickly localize the pain.
  • The work of the chiropractor is tougher, he acts on the bone structures and can place the vertebrae and joints. The method of manual therapy is contraindicated for people suffering from infectious or inflammatory diseases of the spine, spinal cord, cerebrovascular accidents, cancer, hypertension. As a result of the work of the chiropractor, the pain becomes stronger, but this pain is beneficial, it shows that the muscles are relaxed.

Thus, you can alleviate pain attacks in emergency situations, but in any case a doctor's consultation is required.

The sooner treatment begins, the better. The patient will escape from unnecessary suffering, and stagnation will not develop in the spine, intervertebral discs will not degrade, and the treatment process itself, with timely access to a medical institution, will take less time than with an illnessneglected.

Prevention of severe back pain by exercising

doctor's examination for back pain

Once your back is in order with the help of a specialist, to prevent severe pain in the future, you need to make some adjustments to your regimen and adhere to it regularly.

  • First of all, physical overload and hypothermia should be avoided.
  • You can not lift heavy weights and engage in strength training in the gym, make sudden movements and turns, back turns that load the back.
  • Driving and cycling are undesirable, i. e. axle loads in the rear area should be avoided. Women will have to give up high-heeled shoes.
  • Perform each day a set of specially selected exercises aimed at strengthening the back. Stretching and relaxation activities are good. The movements should be performed gently, slowly and accurately. In the training process, you need to focus on your feelings.

A set of therapeutic gymnastics exercises is developed together with a physician, taking into account the patient's condition. Spinal traction can be performed at home without professional equipment. To perform the exercise, you need to lie on the floor face down, place a pillow under your stomach. Lie like this for about an hour, the pain should go away.

If the pain is not too pronounced, you can relax your back using a regular horizontal bar. You need to hang on to it, completely relaxing your back and feeling all the muscles. The back will stretch and the muscles will relax.

Yoga can help reduce persistent back pain. It is important to find a good coach here. During exercise, pain and discomfort should not appear. Exercise helps to relax all the muscles. For people with back problems, yoga therapy is more appropriate.

Another new trend is Pilates. This type of training is quite effective. The trainer should be alerted to the client's back problems and the objectives set for him in order to correctly choose the set of exercises.

Not everyone knows about this type of training like qigong. According to some doctors, qigong includes good gymnastic exercises to strengthen the back. Qigong and Pilates are similar, both aiming to work all areas of the back.

You can just go to the gym. But here you have to be very careful not to get the opposite effect instead of recovery. Back strengthening exercises should be chosen with the participation of a competent experienced trainer with such clients, taking into account your medical history.

It should be remembered that long-term statistical loads negatively affect the health of the spine, therefore, you need to decide the right way of work and rest.